Chris Brewer - Developer

I'm a full stack developer who does indie game development and algorithms competitions on the side.

I've spent almost a decade as a developer for the Ning Social Networking Platform supporting over 100,000 distinct social networks and millions of users.

I am interested in working with other talented developers to solve hard problems and write elegant code.

Languages + Libraries

  • MySQL
  • Python, PHP, Java
  • HTML, Smarty, Mustache
  • Javscript, JQuery, Backbone
  • CSS, Less
  • Some experience with C, Perl, Ruby and many others
  • New languages are no problem

Skills + Experience

  • 9 Years working on teams as an Application Developer for the Ning Social Networking Platform
  • 10+ years working as a Flash developer creating educational games for Arcademic Skill Builders
  • 2008 Google Code Jam semifinalist. Finished 30th in the Americas division
  • Undergraduate majors in mathematics, computer science and linguistics from the University of Arizona
  • Project Euler enthusiast
  • Numerous personal projects and independent games

Highlights from Ning

  • Full stack development using php, java and mysql backend
  • Scrum/Agile
  • Atlassian Jira + Confluence
  • Developed Ning 2.0 slideshow, video and audio clients using Flash
  • Developed new activity leaderboard system for Ning 2.0 networks to surface relevant content
  • Developed an html chat client for Ning 2.0 networks
  • Developed a desktop application for archiving Ning 2.0 networks
  • Developed the new Ning 3.0 social network platform
  • Developed the Site Builder for Ning 3.0
  • Developed Disk Usage Management tools for Ning 3.0
  • Served with emergency on call staff debugging operations issues and releasing hotfixes
  • Integrated deployment + developer tools with Slack using Bot Users
  • Worked on a hybrid phonegap application for iphone, android and web
  • Some experience working with and managing AWS, EC2 and S3


These are incomplete works prototyped in html 5.

Treasure Tycoon

Canvas based html 5 game. Recruit, train and outfit heroes to send on adventures for fame and fortune.


Tool for visualizing and exploring the curved 3D space of the surface of a 4D hypersphere.

Lazy RPG

An adventure game that teaches simple programming concepts. Use the built in scripting editor to automate tedious and time consume tasks.

Word Detective

Simple Word Game Application. Select a word then send the link to a friend to see how quickly they can guess it.

The Whistling Game

Simple JS game I made to test using mic input.

Snake Sphere - WebGL

Snake-like game implemented on a sphere using the Canvas + WebGL.

Snake Sphere - Canvas

Prototype of a Snake-like game on a sphere using the Canvas.